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Okay so it's been a week since I posted last, but I had to finish The Stand. It took me longer than I thought it would obviously. So let's get down to it.

The whole time I was reading this I couldn't stop thinking about how bad the world needs to start over right now. Then I would think about how it would really suck to die just because some dumbass slipped through emergency protocol. Then I would think about how it would suck to live too. Then of course there's the fantasy; but what if my family lived intact. We could have the oportunity to travel that otherwise doesn't exist. It's all about the money right now. So that's how the book affected me personally.

Now onto the part of the book that I just didn't get. Okay, I understand how there would be several people who got into their cars to escape the city if they were still well. And I also understand they would probably get sick in their cars and die while still in them (due of course to the speed the virus killed some people) what I don't get is why there would be so many people dead in their cars having had accidents in the middle of the roads and pile ups on the highways. Um... wouldn't a great number of people stay home trying to beat the sickness??? Also if I were that sick I know I would at the very least pull off to the side of the road or something. Okay the more I really think about this the more I understand it... I have been noticing lately how extremely rude drivers have become, and I think maybe Mr. King has it spot on. A massive amount of people would be all - Every man for himself and such. So I guess I can see where all those cars would come from.

Okay, about what was bothering me in an earlier post. The farther into the book I got, the less it mattered anymore. In the beginning I had problems with some continuity issues, but those resolved themselves once everyone who got the plague died.

I did still love the book, and had forgotten a huge amount of what happened (like 99.4 percent even). This was a good read for me. It took me forever to read this (longer than I though it would anyway) but I didn't read it like I usually read either. I gave myself some breathing room. Most of the time when I read a book, it's nose in until I'm done. This time I really only read when I had the time to sit for at least an hour. No catching a couple pages here and there for this one. However, once I got to BookIII I couldn't put it down. Yesterday I was in that book fron the beginning of the day 'til dinner. The only problem with that is I was in a fog most of the day. I wasn't here, I was in Boulder, and Vegas, and all points in between.

So to wrap this up (it'll be as long as the book soon if I don't shut up already). I thoroughly enjoyed the trip Mr. King took me on. Although I knew I would, (I always enjoy reading Mr. King) I don't beleive I have ever read a Stephen King book I didn't enjoy. And I have read as many as I can find. All of them I think, but I can't really be sure. You know I guess there was one, Danse Macabre was the only one I did not like.

Let me know how you feel about Mr. King.

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