3.7 pounds?

Alright! The library had it. Well duh of course they did it's a book most every one has at least heard of. If only for its size. My daughter saw it when I brought it home and her first comment was "How many pages is that?!?"
You may have guessed Moby Dick? War and Peace? Gone With the Wind? Nope, I'm finally Re-reading The Stand. Yay me. I loved it the first time and I'm hoping age and a family hasn't changed that. I am reading the "Complete & Uncut Edition" and so far the only thing I'm not too fond of is the updates (Mr. King chose to update it to 1990 since that's when he re-did it). Some of the updates don't work with the original book's ideas. This was originally written in 1978 and a twelve year change to only some of the book is kind of jarring.
So... I guess you should give me oh I don't know... till Friday? And then I'll let you know. Wish me luck.
Oh and for any one who's waiting, I'll be talking about the Dragon Costume tomorrow.

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