Anansi Boys

I just finished reading this book.

Wow! What an excellent read. The end is just fantastic, really makes the whole story come together in a very satisfying way. It's been a while since an adventure choked me up, but there is something about the relationship between a man and his son and between brothers that Gaiman is able to capture wonderfully.

Just go read it and you'll see what I mean.


Wendy's Country Fried Steak

Does anyone out there remember Wendy's Country Fried Steak sandwich from their 99 cent menu? It was just a peice of counrty fried steak with mayo and pickles on a small white bun? Rining any bells out there?

I used to have them add onions and boy there was just something about that sandwich!

And then...


Gone. No more CFS :-(

Here is a link to a commercial for it.

from TV ACRES: Advertising Mascots

I say Bring Back The CFS!!!!!!!