The Dragon Girl

Alrighty then, I'm not done with The Stand yet (I just reached 'Book II'). I thought I'd have it done by now, but I've been slacking. So instead I'll be showing you what I hope to do with my daughter's costume. We were reading the Jennifer Scales books and she decided that she wanted to not just be any dragon girl but instead be Jennifer Scales for Halloween. Now since I had already bought some stuff in the wrong color, I told her we'd try for one of her friends.

We are starting with a green elf-like leotard with a full mid thigh skirt and sleeves that are tight 3/4 of the way down the arm with long ruffles on the arm (I'll have a picture Monday I forgot). Then I've got some silver stretch lamé I'm going to cut into the shape of a stomach and attach to her stomach area. I found some really neat sheer black material that has silver stars and moons on it that I'm going to make wing ribs in and attach to her wrists to look like she has a sort of dragon / bat wing with hand thing going. Add some shimmery black tights and some kind of shoe (I'm kinda lost there) and we get to move on to the super fun stuff - Make-up!

So I've been browsing through the super time-waster Ask-Me-Makeup (best site ever!) and I found this-

I'm going to attempt this on a 9 year old in green and silver, and possibly add horns in this manner-

I'll let you know how that goes. (She may very well shoot me)

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