Why did no one tell me Nutella was so delicious? That it is like spreadable Ferrero Rocher?

Also, apparently I am clueless. I just went to Ferrero to do a link for the super yummy candy and discovered that they make Nutella as well.

I am slow.

But happy, now that I have discovered the joy of Nutella :)


Book Squeeee

I just had to post that my library (ACPL) finally loans Kindle books!!!!!!! I am so happy for my cheap self.

Thank you, end squeeee



Meh, I'm gonna post it anyway.

I always feel like there should be all of these things I could blog about. Then I think about it for a second and unless you want to hear about how I just ate a whole bunch of caramels and now my teeth hurt you're kind of out of luck.

I guess I could talk about how my glasses are ALWAYS dirty, and how does that even happen? I don't touch the glass when I push them up (which is constantly). I work in a quite office, not a kitchen. How do they manage to get so greasy and dusty and just gross?!? Grrrr I would wear my contacts but for some reason when I get home and look in the mirror my eyes are RED? No irritation causing this that I am aware of, it just looks like super allergy has struck again and my eyes are the poor victim without the horrible allergy problems. Probably not a good idea to walk around causing fear in the hearts of millions thousands hundreds a few with my glowing red eyes, so I wear my stupid dirty glasses.

Oo, I can talk about how my stupid boobs are always falling out the bottom of my bra. Even the ones that fit perfectly. I love my boobs, but could they just stay where I put them and not try to escape all the time? I catch myself righting the girls all the time. Grocery shopping? Check. Getting gas? Check. Sitting in church? Check. In a restaurant? Check. Half the time I don't even realize I'm doing so until on the second boob. And the bra strap falling off the shoulder thing? ALL THE TIME! Having boobs is totally overrated.

Or I know I can tell you all about how I love shoes (it's a problem really) but hate to actually wear them. Oh, shoes, I love them so. Pumps, Platforms, Stilettos, Wedges, Peep-toes, Sparkly ones, Colorful ones, Stripey, Solid, Strappy, shoes just make me happy. Until I put them on. Then I'm all I don't care how cute these are, my feet want to be free. I love summer just because I can wear flip-flops everywhere then kick them off as soon as I get where ever I am going. Whatever, I just buy cute flip-flops and wear them as long as I can get away with. Which usually means until there is actually snow on the ground.

See, nothing worth talking about. Meh, I'm gonna post it anyway.

UPDATED: I figured out why my glasses are always dirty! Turns out my eyelashes are long enough that they just touch the glass, feathering (or lashing, whatever) oil onto the lense, which then gives the dust and whatnot something to stick to. :(


Anansi Boys

I just finished reading this book.

Wow! What an excellent read. The end is just fantastic, really makes the whole story come together in a very satisfying way. It's been a while since an adventure choked me up, but there is something about the relationship between a man and his son and between brothers that Gaiman is able to capture wonderfully.

Just go read it and you'll see what I mean.


Wendy's Country Fried Steak

Does anyone out there remember Wendy's Country Fried Steak sandwich from their 99 cent menu? It was just a peice of counrty fried steak with mayo and pickles on a small white bun? Rining any bells out there?

I used to have them add onions and boy there was just something about that sandwich!

And then...


Gone. No more CFS :-(

Here is a link to a commercial for it.

from TV ACRES: Advertising Mascots

I say Bring Back The CFS!!!!!!!


Is Jesus enough?

I ran across this in my morning reads…




Quoted from the article:

I add Jesus like salt and pepper to a tasteless dish.

He isn’t the main course, just an extra on the side.


This is so true for me.



Here it is


I spoke out and just wanted give you a direct link.

I was really nervous prior to posting this. I wasn't sure how my story would be received. Because I stayed. I know many people out there are probably amazed at my stupidity and that was the reason I wasn't sure I should even go forward with my story.

But the comments I have received have been nothing but uplifting. Thanks for taking what I had to offer. Thanks for not judging me. And mostly thanks for caring, it really does make a difference.


I am so on it

Yeah, I thought I might update the whole costume thing. (yeah the one from Halloween, What?)

I was Ursula the Sea Witch from Aladin, just kidding. Gotta keep you on your toes. She is from Little Mermaid - here's what I was going for.

image courtesy Kingdom Hearts

Here is my head shot (sorry about the horrible lighting)

Followed by gratuitous cleavage (the only shot I have where you can see my tenticles *winks*)

And just for fun a "Glamour Shot"

I tried to dye myself purple with food coloring, maybe a better way to do that would have been to thin the food coloring with vinegar instead of lotion?

On to this year's costume... "Oh no, I've lost my glasses!"


I'm Speaking Out

I'm speaking out - http://violenceunsilenced.com/

For those of you who may or may not know my story, it will be posted Mar. 17 at the above link.


Brene Brown and Vulnerability

This is an older TED talk, but it’s the first time I’ve been able to see it and it is so true. I have no idea who Brene Brown is, other than an author and researcher/storyteller. I’m not going to look into her right now to find any of this out. I want to post this while it’s still fresh for me.

If the video isn’t embedded, here's the page http://www.ted.com/talks/view/id/1042

For some this was hard to listen to, for other it was just an affirmation of what they already know.

I have seen this in so many lives. So as vulnerable as it makes me feel, if you watch this with an open mind and heart to God, it applies to ALL of us. We are broken to the point that, as she says in the talk and as I am learning in my small group, even faith has become something we can be RIGHT about. We can use our own fear of vulnerability as a means to make others feel like they are wrong and thus less than. When in reality we need to be vulnerable and be loving and forgiving to everyone and chance that rebuke or rebuff.

Courage to say, “I have faith in the Lord” even though we may get harsh replies or even just ignored or whatever. Courage to not judge people who aren’t the same as we are. Courage to say I am not here to stand with you against a sinner but to show them that God loves them too. Courage to call fellow believers out when they are screwing up. And the courage to say, “I suck at writing, but felt like this needed saying.”