9 Year Olds!

Isn't it just like a 9 year old girl to completely change her mind! She went from wanting to be a dragon girl to wanting to be a dead bride. So... now I've taken the 2 year's ago "Vampire" costume - really just my old floor length-black velvet-spaghetti strap-thigh high slit-dress that had been altered (by me) to fit (and modestly cover) a 4'-5" 7 year old (yeah that was fun!) - and I have added chunks of black lace (left over from my prom dress) to it so it looks all ripped up. Also we went to Jo-Ann's and got 3 yards of black tulle to make a veil for her. This will still require 1/2 hour minimum of make-up time and I'm not sure how well she'll deal, but she asked specifically for sunken in eyes and deathly palor (just not in so many words). She will also be dealing with 15 - 20 minutes of hair time. She wants a pretty up-do that has been destroyed. I think I might even get to throw in a sliced neck - won't that be great! I will definately be posting pics! The funny thing is this is from the girl who always wants to be something cute & pretty for Halloween! Seen Here -

Also in other news, I haven't been able to finish The Stand due to a baby shower next weekend. I'm crochet-ing (sp) a blanket and can't read and crochet at the same time. (I know I should be more productive - but whatever) We'll see what comes next...

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Anonymous said...

you mean you added parts of the prom dress that you never wore to the prom. the blue one was better anyway