"Real Life" crept up on me

Okay, so I know I haven't posted in a super long time, but I've had reality all over the place. That's more important right? Anyway... About that reality thing. I feel like I should at least talk about what's going on, but I'm gonna skip over the parts that would have you all over my ass with judgements. (trust me - I'm all over my ass with judgements m-kay?)

Skipping over all the really crazy bits to say that - Yay, Jonzey is getting the help he needs to fix whatever it is thats not right in his brain!

Good thing #1 - He is trying to make up with God.
Good thing #2 - (relates to #1) Is going to get some counciling at a church.
Good thing #3 - Is going to AA tomorrow night.
Good thing #4 - One of his friends is going with him.
Good thing #5 - My brother is alive! - Yeah - I am so not going into that one.

So now that you're all confused and curious I'm gonna go back to work, m-kay?



My last post pretty much sums it up for me (it's a burn out). I just don't know what to say anymore. My cousin thinks I should have some kind of cleavage shot of the week (or something like that). I have to say I'm sure that would totally bring the traffic, but I'm not sure I really want that kind of traffic. I will concede that it might be fun asking people I know (or don't) if they would like to put their Lady Lumps on the internets. Of course then there's the man cleavage... That would be hilarious. I might have to do it just to watch the stats. I can just imagine the comments that would come from that.

*Man searches internet for "Cleavage"
*Man get sent to this sight and is show "Man Cleavage"
*Hilarity Ensues...

So just so my readers reader doesn't walk away from this post completely dissapointed...

(.)(.) <- There you go 'Foxy' those are for you.


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