Costume Contest updates

Alright, no one has any guesses so far; I must have made it too hard. Here are some updates on what I’ve done with the costume so far:


Out of the shells I made a necklace and earrings (the earrings are the prize for whoever guesses)

Out of the black satin I cut 4 wonky trapezoids, then sewed them together to make a dress leaving the bottom ¼ unsown and cutting up from the bottom in the center of each piece about ¼ of the way up

Out of the purple satin I cut 8 very skinny triangles and sewed them to the 8 bottom sections of the dress

I have straightened 19 hangers and attached 16 of them together at one end in sets of 2 and taken the last 3 and made a big circle


I think that’s it so far. I only have another week to work on it, and I still have so much to do. Crap.


Hopefully I will have some decent pictures this year. Last year all of the pictures were very dark (I guess that’s what happens when you only take pictures with your phone).


grieving a stranger

I don’t really know Nancy W. Kappes, Paralegal. The only exposure I’ve had to her is through The Bloggess. I came close to meeting her when Blogher was in Chicago, but ended up not being able to make it.


This woman I never met was also from Indiana and I always felt closer because of that.


But I feel strange grieving a lady I’ve never met.


R.I.P. Nancy, you will be missed by people you didn’t even know existed, let alone made laugh endlessly at your wonderful inappropriateness.



questions answered and hints given

So I just had to call and talk to my credit card company…


Yeah, that is just not a fun call to make when you’re trying to find out any information.


But I have to give them props. The first call I made was super frustrating, so I hung up and fumed a little bit. But. Then I calmed down and called back and got a different representative, and she patched me through to the people I needed (yay). I talked to the next rep’s supervisor because she couldn’t answer my questions, but wasn’t trying to feed me a line.


Here is the best part… The supervisor was actually able to answer my questions and give me options!!! I know holy crap someone that could actually do their job.


Color me super pleased!


PS on the costume front: I have just cut into both the black & purple satin, making several purple triangles and a few black quadrilaterals