Somewhere near the beginning.

Alrighty then.
I guess I can start at the beginning of the drawn circle.
At some point in my single digits (I think this was probably when I was 4 or 5) I became a christian.
I lived with my grandparents, my grammy is a nurse and papa is a (substitute) pastor, for a year or so during that time.
I don't remember the moment, just that I wanted Jesus to be in my heart.
Several years later I was baptised. I was 11. My papa did the honors.
A little while later I made a commitment to remain a virgin until marriage. I even got a promise ring.
I tell you all of this to give you some background for the up and coming set of posts. Because even with a really strong background of faith (and the faith itself has not faltered) I fell really hard when it happened. Then I stayed there for a while.
Hopefully this will be a good thing, but I am sorry if my words fall short for you. Writing is not really my gift, but I feel like someone might need to hear what I've been through to know that forgivness is a beautiful thing.


Yay! revisited

so, i just had this post all typed up and mostly ready to go and i deleted it. now you're getting a short little note instead. ready?

got a new phone with unlimited web for a month. love it!!!

also debating whether to do a series of posts from my stupid teenage / early 20's years.

sorry the post is short and totally un-capitalized. i didn't really feel like going through all of that again. small phone keyboard and all.

let me know how you feel about the series and we'll see if my thumbs can handle the outcome.