Captain Schmaptain

Okay, so here we are getting ready for a Halloween party and Jonez decides that Captain Spaulding is out the window - yeah, I totally bitched too much, what? It was way creepy, he is entirely too much like that creepy ass clown guy - Now he is Mr. Lupinya, Pishaw Lupinya (say it out loud) the Russian Assassin. He did his costume all by his little self and everything. Are you ready for this? Top to bottom -

- Plain Black Woolie Cap

- Plain Grey T-Shirt

- Plain Black Trench Coat

- Plain Uniform Pants

- Plain Black Work Boots

Can you say easy? Turned out something like this (only with a 45 cal.)

Yeah... um... everyone (yeah all of them) thought he was this guy -

Funny, but soooo not right!

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