Hollywood Undead masks (American Tragedy) 100th post!

So, last year for my daughter's 13th birthday I made her a mask board along with 6 masks. Earlier in the year I styled her a pair of sneakers to match. It is so much fun trying to find decent pictures of their masks for reproduction. Here are some pics:

Here are the blank masks

I didn't have a light board so I made one

Charlie Scene


Funny Man

Johnny 3 Tears


Da Kurlzz
(had a little trouble with the sculpy/mask/oven/my blondness, but it works)

All together with personal bandanna

And shoes too.
She was pretty thrilled and they are still hanging on her wall / being worn. This year we went to Disney's Magic Kingdom. Yeah, we're well rounded ;)


Andouille - Johnsonville

I don't know that I've ever had andouille sausage, so grain of salt and all that.

BzzAgent strikes again, this time with Johnsonville Premium Cooking Sausage. I went to my Kroger and they had 2 of the 5 varieties, Chicken Italian Style with Cheese or Andouille. I picked the Andouille and went home to make dinner.

I grabbed a box mix of Dirty Rice and sliced up the sausage and threw it in.

This was really tasty. We normally have left-overs if I make any version of rice and sausage, but not last night. I didn't even get a chance to take any pictures it went so fast.

Disclaimer - I received 1 package free from BzzAgent, but I will be purchasing it for myself in the future.

A review - Göt2b POWDER'ful

I am not one to keep a diary, so I'm not sure why I thought I would be able to blog without some kind of reason. Nothing interesting has been happening lately, so I haven't had a reason to write. um, yay?

I recently signed up to be a BzzAgent, mostly so I could get some free stuff. I like to try new things and I don't like to spend money, so there you go.

The first thing I got was a notice for this hair powder stuff. I had some hair powder that I had gotten about 6 months ago that I liked, so I thought that would be a good little trial. Turns out it is the exact same product, Göt2b POWDER'ful, but on the plus side I knew I liked it.

Göt2b is not a line I usually use with any frequency, but they had hair powder when I was looking for some, so that's what I bought.

The directions say to put a small amount on your hands and work into the hair, but I am lazy and skip steps sometimes. I sprinkle it directly in my hair where I am looking for some omph and rub it in vigorously. Then give it a little brush or finger comb to make it look presentable and that's it.

 If I want more I use this stuff and tease my hair too.

The Pros:
It definitely provides volume.
It is pretty easy / simple to use.

The Cons:
These are negligible as far as I am concerned.
It makes your hair feel weird, sort of wet/dirty, it doesn't look that way though.

All in all, I like this stuff pretty well for what I use it for. It isn't an everyday product for me so this stuff lasts quite a while.

I don't really need the sample bottle they sent me + I have a blog = why not give it away on the blog? If you have any interest in trying some Göt2b POWDER'ful, hit me up in the comments.