I am such a thief...

I am a new reader of The Bloggess and can I just say, um... WOW! She is one funny ass chick. Well today on her site was a video she had created on xtranormal.com. Leading me to see what I could make... Well here you go:

Heh, heh... Grandpa gets the credit for this one!


Red Water

This song makes me cry everytime I really listen to it.


Where'd I go?

I know I suck. Let's just get that out of the way now. But every time i try to think of something to post, it doesn't really seem to hold my attention. Of course nothing really seems to hold much of my attention anymore. I'm 2 episodes (3 tonight) behind with Heroes, I haven't even tried to watch Ugly Betty in 2 weeks or so (so lost there) I haven't really turned the T.V. on for the last 2 weeks. And just so you know I am usually an avid T.V. person (well if someone else turns it on anyway). Left to my own devices I just sit and read or stare at the wall.

I did manage to watch Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium on Saturday though. Really nice movie. Made me cry a few times though. Damn emotional scenes. I'll never get over how good some actors really are. Dustin Hoffman is the man!

I just thought I'd pop in and tell you what's goin on. Oh, and let all you man cleavage fans down lightly... I just couldn't get anyone to pose for me. I think it might be inappropriate if I just take the picture and post it without their approval. So I'm off to figure out where I went. Let me know if you see me so I have a good chance to start looking in the right place m-kay?