Prop. 8?!?

This is in response to Prop. 8 being passed yet again in California.

I would like to argue against marriage (as a legality) altogether. Since we have a separation of church and state, when did the state decide it was their responsibility to maintain authority over a church's concept. Editied to say; I just learned that the state got involved during a particularly awful outbreak of syphilis. Blood testing became a requirement in order to get a newly required license, so they could put a stop to the ever spreading disease. Marriage is something that was born in the church. It is not a concept that even needs to be "on the books" anymore.

I myself have been in a monogamous relationship for the last 11 years and the only thing stopping me from getting married is the fact that the government has to be involved. My daughter does not have issues just because technically she is a "Bastard" and there is only stigma about our relationship from those who were born before 1950.

I guess I just don't understand the feeling that the government should have any say whatsoever in "Marriage." I kind of get why the government is involved in it to some extent, taxes and insurance lawsuits (huh, I was all set to list several things and that's really it). But really, other than that, their place in marriage should not exist. What really needs to happen is a change in how insurance companies do business. My "old man" had insurance at one time that allowed a box for significant other as opposed to spouse. This would also take care of the emergency/icu room issues. And hell, people can change their name anytime they wish. How exactly is it determined that this person is the spouse? A driver's license has your name on it, not your spouse's. I know they don't really expect anyone to carry around their marriage license.

If people wish to go through a ceremony, to vow in front of their friends and family that this is the person they want to be with for as long as it's easy, then have at it! There should be no intervention from the government at all. Unless of course they want the government to document it (like a will). Then by all means have the government involved. Civil unions for everyone, no "marriage certificates" at all.

I would get married if I could go to a pastor and say, "I would like to have a wedding ceremony performed, but I don't want this to be sent in to the clerk's office. I just want God as our witnesses and you as our overseer." I don't however wish to enter into any kind of legal contract to anyone that requires me to go to the government to make sure they approve.

I apologize to anyone who welcomes the government into their lives, I'm just very passionate about having a life outside of what the government documents.

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