Happy Birthday!

I finally got to spring the great surprise on my daughter! She is turning the big 1-0 tomorrow, and she has been begging me to try to win her tickets to go see Taylor Swift. I told her we were trying to win her tickets but to not hold her breath. Of course as soon as I found out Ms. Swift was coming so close to us, so close to Lu's birthday, I immediately purchased 2 tickets (waaay back in Feb.).

Yesterday was the concert. She still had no idea! I had made her a skirt from some material we got at a garage sale for free, and I told her Auntie said she had to wear it. (Today is Auntie's birthday). So she's all decked out:

Then we tell her we have something for her to open for her and Auntie's birthday.

She sees, but doesn't really believe it...

Wait for it... There it is! She gets it, and is THRILLED!

And behold... two very happy birthday girls.

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