The evils of Blackmail!

So, I've been blackmailed into writing more often. Hm... I still don't have anything blog-worthy. I guess I might be pursuaded into writing about going to the Vera Bradley outlet sale.

So, I took Friday off work to go shop at the sale with my SIL. We got there about half hour early so we wouldn't get stuck waiting in line outside. The capacity is like 5,000, and can't hold everyone that shows up at the beginning. After waiting the half hour, we went in. This was my SIL's first experience with this sale. She was ready though. We scored a couple of matching purse / wallet combo's, but most of the patterns didn't have a matching wallet. I got my mom a couple of place-mats for Mother's Day, and a couple of purses for myself. We aren't the crazy women that come to buy as much as possible for as cheap as possible, just so they can sell it.

Anyway, enough about that. We also went to the park this weekend. And can I just say, some kids should not be allowed to go to the park. There was one (he was with some friends, but I think if he hadn't been there, his friends wouldn't have been too bad) who just wouldn't stop. "Oh, here comes some ugly," " Hey you in the stupid American flag shirt - Come here so I can kick you're ass," "yo-mama - - - - ." The look on the kid's face that was "ugly" when he said that, and the "stupid American flag" shirt kid was mentally challenged. Didn't faze her though, she was runnin around talkin about how her super powers would take care of that bad guy.

I guess I don't really have anything else.

Oh, Jonzey hit the 60 day mark in AA (yay!) Still lives with Grandpa, but he's doing pretty good.

Yeah, that's it I guess. Maybe later this week I'll have something about our wonderful Dust-Control customers. You know how entitled everyone is now, I'm surprised I haven't gotten a lot of crap about - how expensive/ why isn't it free / my taxes this / you work for me... blah, blah, blah.

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