I've got the itch...

Yeah, um... Not that itch.

I'm itching to start working on Halloween Costumes already. I got my sewing machine working (after like 3 years of it being down) and everyone seems to be down to go Disney themed (in pairs even).

DJ - Hook (maybe)
Lu - Tinkerbell (definitely)

Caca - Lilo
Triscuit - Stitch

The Woman - Little Mermaid (maybe)
Me - Ursula (maybe)

They can all be seen here from last year.

Now, I really want to be Ursula. I've got the design done and some of my accessories. All I need is to find the material I want (am open to suggestions). She is an Octo-person, so I think her Octo-skin should be super shiny, to look like it's perma-wet. The only thing I've found that is close is expensive ($34 / per yard) and a pain to sew (seen here). Went to search for pics of the expensive stuff and *poof* I think I found my material. Yay! Now, if for some reason I decide not to be Ursula, my back up is Raggedy Ann. Kinda interesting, I'm goin for either Evil Sea Witch or Cute Lovable Dolly. Yeah... I'm weird like that.

I know that I've kinda lost the whole book theme (I haven't stopped reading though). I think I'm just gonna give that whole pretence up and say this blog has no general direction, just wherever my chubby little fingers take it.

TTFN... ooh I have a brilliant idea, maye I can talk Jonzey into being T-I-double Guh-er? Yeah I didn't really think so, but that would be cute yo.

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