Yeah, not talkin about the movie though...

What I want to know is how many of you have an opinion on going commando. Like does the lack of coverage induce extra whorey-ness? Or is it just "cleaner" to have coverage of the "moister" bits? (huh, I seem to be extra "quotey" today) Anyway, I guess my personal opinion is, anything that makes it easier for me not to wet my pants is okay in my book (what with squirting kids out and all). That extra layer having to come down often takes precious time that my kegel muscles just aren't prepared to deal with. Oh, and you know on those extra humid days how much fun it is to try and pull those suckers back up (especially if you are not quite the "hard body" you want to be). So now that I've got everyone thinking about their delicate bits...

How do you feel?
extra whorey
cleanliness wins
I like to feel the breeze
speed is of the escence
ugg boots

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