Ice Cream Faces?

The other day (which could mean as far back as 6 months, or as recently as yesterday) we were out having a nice Sunday afternoon. We had a beautiful day and were totally taking advantage of it. Went to Fox Island to go nature walking.

- side story about that: The first time we took our daughter to Fox Island we walked around picked up neat things to show her and when we got home she said, "That was kinda like a nature walk, huh?"

- Anyway, it was kinda warm and we decided to go get some ice cream cones. So we hit a drive through and got some cones. I'm driving us back home or to Grandma's or something when I get this cold squishy feeling on my cheek. Jonzey had totally smooshed his cone on my face. So what do I do? Of course I start giggling uncontrollably because I'm trying to figure out how to get him back without him being aware of what is about to happen.

Then? Madness Ensues! I'm smooshing my cone in Lu's face, Jonzey's face and even occasionally my own face (potholes you know). Lu is trying to get something other than the back of either of our heads (back seats suck for ice cream fights, in case you didn't know) I got a cone stuck up my nose at one point. It was great! I don't think I had had more fun in quite some time. We made it wherever we were headed and commenced to cone-ing everyone there too. Lucky for us they didn't have any ammo. ;-)

I wish I had pictures, but alas I was driving and had to keep at least one eye on the road. I totally recommend at least one cone fight per summer, cause memories are important (it has nothing to do with that feeling you get when you squish ice cream in someone else's face, I promise) .

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- Jim - said...

Yep, we tried that once 2 years ago, only we had stuffed jalepenos. I got my brother in the eye. Funny you posted that though, because I was just vacuuming my truck and found one...