All of the posts on costumes and I forgot to take a picture of me, Lu (my daughter) or Jonez. I did get pictures of some of the costumes that I either helped on or did all of.
This is DJ, she decided she wanted to be a dead Prom Queen, so she dug through her closet and found the dress she hated the most, and we destroyed it. She also thought that it would look cooler if she wore it backwards like her neck had been twisted all the way around. So we stuffed the front of the dress and flattened her front. I think if you click on the picture you can see better. The dress has been stained and ripped and all manner of degradation.
This is her front but the back of the costume. We had a grand old time ripping her bow, and tearing her sleeves. She told me getting a good tire tread across her dress was kind of a bitch though. They had to paint the tire with black paint then roll over the dress. Also since this dress was made of some kind of non stainable material they had to paint the blood & dirt on. Rolling around in the mud didn't do a thing once the dress was dry.
This here is Caca, she was going to be a "hoodlum" but we talked her into beeing a Zombie - much more in the spirit of things don't you think? We stabbed and stomped and stained this shirt and pants combo to it's current glory. Oh and I guess if you look closely you can see my daughter's head in this picture. I guess I'll have to make her put her dress on just so I can get a good picture of it.

This is Grandma, she wanted to be half man, half woman. We went good willing and found a pair of pants & skirt to go with this color shirt, Then I sewed them together. Then I made the shirt more girly on one side and added pearls & a tie. She did her hair and make-up the morning of Halloween so she could wear the costume to work.

And last but not least we have - Wonder Woman. This costume was a pain, but it turned out so good I can't complain too much. You can't really see her cape here, but she did a really good job on it. Also not seen are her super stripper boots. They are here if you want to see them.

So you can see the pictures better, just click on them, I had to do all kinds of weird stetching and stuff so they would fit on the page properly.
Now I know I shouldn't be so disappointed but, I really wish I had remembered to get pictures of our little family and not just the members of our bigger family. Oh and the animals did a fine job with all of the people running around in costumes.

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