I'm alive!

So, my vacation was good. Thanks for asking. It also happens that it was VERY busy.

I had to finish buying stupid Christmas presents. But let me say this right now, I love buying that present, you know the one. Where you just know the person you're giving it to might cry... Yeah, that one. I even love buying the presents that are kinda "just right." You know, not too expensive, fit in with what the person likes, easy to wrap... It's the presents that are only bought so some brat, that won't appreciate them anyway, has something to open along with the rest of the kids. Yeah, I hate buying those presents. But everyone had something to open (except Key - Sorry, I forgot it at home).

Once I had all the buying done, I had to wrap the stuff (I totally wrapped everything on Christmas Eve). And Goose even got a letter from Santa (hand written with a little doodle and everything).

Then we had a small family Christmas with Jonzey's immediate family. It was really nice, of course it usually is. The next morning we did our Christmas. Which consisted of presents for Goose. We got each other a stay out of town at a hotel. (More on that later). Then we had two more Christmas's (yeah all in one day), My immediate family & then Jonzey's BIG family Christmas.

It was really nice. We got to see all the people we don't usually see (even though we live within like 20 miles of each other). And I brought like 15 lbs of Mac-N-Cheese (with shells because the store was completely out of elbow noodles - even the healthy ones) that was almost gone when we left. If you talk nice to me, I might leave a recipe for it someday (it's completely fat free - he, he, he NOT).

Onto New Years... We gave ourselves a trip to the casino near us. And WOW, let me tell you I have never seen so many slot machines EVER. I was kind of excited about playing poker for money (you know like they show on T.V.) and we walk in and NO Live tables at all. It's all this:

And you know what? I had a lot of fun. Between the two of us, we totally broke even, and in my book, that is winning. Here's to winning for the whole year of 2009.

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