I really did...

I picked up Twilight at the library on Thursday evening. Yeah, I know, but the book I wanted to read I had managed to get the Spanish version. So, I wandered over to the Express checkout section (these are the newer / popular books that can only be checked out for a week due to popularity) and saw it. Well I had to see what all this hype was about. Did I have another Harry Potter on my hands?

It's a good book, but it's definitely in the Young Adult category for a reason. I've read here and there that the heroine of the story is kind of whiny. And you know? I really didn't think she was any whinier than your average teenager. I read this book and was really pulled back into my own teenage years. The book has the right voice for its genre. Now, I haven't read anything but the first book (I expect to though), but I think these are great for the age group they were written for.

I also think they have some room to wiggle. It wouldn't be awful if say a 9 or ten year old were to pick this up and read it (it's very PG). And I think it kind of plays to the youthfulness in the "Older" adults (you kow as opposed to the "Young" ones). But so far it doesn't have the depth I look for. I won't say it doesn't show up in later books, cause I don't know. I will say that this is great if you are looking for a love story with all the feel of a FIRST LOVE. Stephanie Meyer did a fantastic job making you feel the freshness.

So all in all, I really enjoyed my trip to Forks, and I wouldn't be opposed to going back. Just not right now. I really have way too much on my plate to do that. (Cause I just know I wouldn't get anything done until I read them all)

Anybody out there read this and have an opinion? (No Spoilers please like I said, haven't read them all yet)

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