The Big 3-0, that ain't shit!

Okay, I've been thinking about this for a little while now, and I really don't get the big deal about 30. I turned 30 (dahn, dahn, dahn) in August and really don't get the drama. Of course I really shouldn't be surprised, I don't generally get what all the drama is about. I must be dense. I mean ooh, I'm a whole nother year older... My age ends in a zero... Whatever. What gets me is when I randomly think of something that happened the other day (you know, or so it seems) and then I bother to figure out when that actually was... I realize hey that was like 20 years ago. Then I'm all, wow, Wow. No way.

So, I get that getting older is weird, what I don't get is why it revolves around "decades." Is it because we as a people just like to have all these landmarks to use so we can make people feel worse because they hit them? Maybe. I think we should celebrate each new decade we get to instead of dreading it. We need to embrace the wisdom that comes with age. Because really there is no other way to learn some things. I know this because I remember thinking at my mom that she should "just shut up already and let me learn this crap on my own." So it's not likely that listening to our elders is going to be an option.

We need to appreciate what life has taught us and the fact that there is no way we would know even half the shit we do with out it. Also something that life has taught me is that mom (or dad, or friend etc...) should not just shut up and let me learn it on my own. She should in fact tell me anything she can remember. Because now that I am no longer a stupid teenager, all of my elders can't remember half the shit they know.

It's kinda irritating. One of the oxymoronic things. When grasshopper is ready to learn, ant can't remember what to teach him. I believe we should call the people we know care about our welfare and get them to talk our ears clean off. Even if what they have to say is a story we have heard a kajillion times before. Maybe now there will be a new lesson inside. And from the state of the economy right now, I would suggest doing this with the oldest person we can find. Because 30? That ain't nothin baby! I'm waitin to rock out in my 90's!

I realize as I'm writing this that my Great Grandmother, she's gotta be like 90-something and she? She still walks around the neighborhood. She would still walk to church every Sunday if they hadn't moved it out to the highway. She is my hero. And I hope I have the balls to live like she has.

Hold on world... I'm only 1/3 of the way there. And I am burnin it up!

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