My Rant

Okay, now this might get me in some hot water, but I can't let it go any longer. In my neck of the woods, winters make for lots of icy roads. Now I understand that it is kinda rough driving on slick roads. I also know that usually if you slow down (and stop driving like a freakin maniac) it's not so bad. What I don't know is, When did it become standard operating procedure to EXPECT that the roads would be wonderful and easy to drive on during winter storms? Do we not live in a climate where freezing rain & snow happens during the winter months? What happened to expecting that it might take a day or to to get the roads cleaned off? Or some roads not even being touched if it so happens that the storm just keeps dumping more & more crap. Where did this sense of entitlement come from?

I live in the city and I know that if you live on a side street, you're lucky to get a plow truck down your road on the third day after a storm (unless it's something really nasty, then, well, don't hold your breath I guess). We had a freezing rain and some flurries that decided to stick starting some time yesterday, and I am getting calls from people on side roads already! (right, I guess I should say that I work for the road maintenance section of the county (not city) and I get to take all the calls from concerned citizens about their road being to slick to drive on and they could need an ambulance and how would it get to them in time and AGHHHHHH SHUT UP!) Now I guess I wouldn't be so irritated if it was really bad like on Christmas, but come on it's only a little slick! Fricken Slow Down! Don't tailgate, definitely don't use your cruise control, and grow some common sense.

Okay, now that I got that off my chest, I feel ever so much better.


- Jim - said...

gosh, the calls weren't in my area were they? ;-)

One Reader said...

lol, there was really only 2 calls, and it was really more of the whole winter piling up on me. ;-)