My pants are on fire

Okay, so I lied. Well not totally. I didn't read Little Altars Everywhere cause I left it at work. And really I didn't have time to read this weekend anyway. So I thought I'd tell you more about the costumes. (Yeah I really am a costume geek) So without further ado -

This is the costume we are gonna start with. "The woman in Charge" wants to go as the "Linda Carter - Wonder Woman," so we'll be altering based on this -

Let's go ahead and start at the top shall we... We will be finding a wig like this one hopefully. Her husband has some copper he is going to cut and shape for the tiara (the one from the cosume sucks is sort of cheap. Moving down. We will be removing the little "W" wings and making this -

out of gold lamé possibly, and then stitching it on. Also her husband is going to try to make some arm bands from the copper too, but we're not sure they'll go over her hands and still be small enough around to stay in place on her arms. Moving down some more... The skirt that came with this is well a skirt! What the hell?!? Um... Wonder Woman has hot pants or high cut "panties" for lack of a brain that can think of the proper word. So we are either going to make the skirt into hot pants, or get some blue hot pants and put white stars on them. Now onto the boots. What came with the costume was weird shoe covers made of stretch velvet. Now I've seen WW's boots on amazon and such but "The woman in Charge" says she needs to be able to try them before she buys them (probably a smart idea don't tell her I think so). So we're kind of at a loss as to where to find them. Once we get the boots she'll have a quality costume she can wear for years (yeah she likes that idea) or until she thinks of something else anyway.

We'll move onto the next costume tomorrow, cause I just can't get into the idea of starting a new author right now when I have so many other more intersting thing on the fire. Apologies to anyone who was waiting for me to talk about the book. I know I suck.

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