A poem...

~ The Addiction ~

My voice is slowly taken from me,
as I become what you have allowed.
You have used my need and destroyed me.
My love for you is an addiction.
You are narcotic in form.
I need you to live.
And yet,
as I partake,
I am slowly killing myself.
Oh, to quit you.
Oh that I would desire to.

Yeah it's a little dark, but I only seem to be able to write poetry when I have the inspiration also know as - when the shit REALLY hits the fan (so to speak).

In other news...

I am so excited about Halloween! We are having our first party (costumes required) and I LOVE getting all costumed up! I'm also making several costumes (or at the minimum helping get all the right crap together for someone else). So if you don't think it's too big a leap from books to costumes (both help you hide from the world) tell me if you want to see pics of the stuff I end up putting together.

I'll be making or assisting with the creation of:

Wonder Woman
A Dragon Girl
Half Man / Half Woman
Were Wolf
Pirate (this one's easy - it's me)
A possible pin-up girl - (she doesn't really know yet)
And Something else (she has NO IDEAS)

Ooh, I had an idea!

If you have any suggestions I'll try to talk her into it. She's a 20-something and not into all that slutty stuff, so let your ideas abound...

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