She will cut you She is very skilled in combat

A friend of mine is looking for a speaker companion for his mascot, so I asked my daughter if she would contribute a Bratz to the cause.

My daughter picked Jade -

{Now I don't know if any of you are knowledgeable in the Bratz world, but Jade? She's the Asian. The Bratz have friends of all colors and there isn't a main Bratz doll, like there is a "Barbie." The Bratz have Jade (Asian), Jasmin (Hispanic), Sasha (African-American) and Chloe (Caucasian).}

Then sticks her in a "I smooch Paris" shirt.
To go live with GI Joe.
um... really?

Here's Jade -

Jade is kinda hot for Joe -

Now Joe gets to pick his mate, so I thought he might want to see her practicing her duties.

Here she is practicing sitting on a speaker -

And here she is holding her first dollar -

Jade also wanted me to pass on the message that she will cut Joe if he doesn't pick her she is very skilled in combat if that kind of thing is required -

Good Luck Jade!


Persnickety Ticker said...

This was a riot!! Thanks for the laugh!

Doyle Dawkins said...

Holy Cow.. A Stalker!