It's all for the dogs!

I recently made the decision to ban the dogs from my room every other night. This way I can have a semblance of regular sleep. In order to keep them out of my room and from completely trashing the house, this means that they must stay in their cage all night or sleep in Lu's room.

Since Lu's room looks like a clothes bomb went off all over the place, they are stuck in the cage for the time being.

Lu and I were discussing the best strategy for her clothes when we realized that we don't have one. She needs to get rid of clothes that don't fit her and find places for the clean clothes that do fit her. Now this wouldn't be a huge problem if she had anywhere near a normal amount of clothes, but she doesn't she has mountains of clothes. I'm not even kidding -

She also needs to have a plan of action for her "play room." Since we bought the first stupid house we even looked at (We're morons). We managed to score a 4 bedroom house (for 3 freakin' people - what were we thinking). That leaves us 2 rooms to use for whatever. One is my sewing room (a huge mess also), and the other is the room we use to throw all those toys that people insist on buying her (I would like to say here, that having an only child is the best way to accumulate a bunch of unnecessary crap), (and for people who can't figure out what to buy for "only children" start a college fund or something, no one needs that much STUFF).

We have been through that room several times armed with nothing but trash bags and even though just 4 months ago we got rid of this -

Her room? still looks like this -

She has until Saturday morning at 6AM (when the trash guys come) to get this taken care of. I am not doing it for her.

The deadline is all because of a giant Scooby toy that I've been trying to throw away for years. She brings down this stupid Giant Scooby, because "Mommy, it has a hole in it (yay!), and can you fix it?" I tell her, no, it's time to just throw it away. So she walks into the kitchen puts him down by the trash can (I'm in the other room and can't see her) and is gone for like 5 minutes. I walk in to see what's up, (thinking maybe she's down stairs or something) and I find her crying very quietly. She loves this stupid thing and really doesn't want to get rid of it. So we make a deal. Clean both of the rooms before trash day, or Scooby goes out with the trash. And as a bonus, once you've got your rooms clean, you can have the dogs every other night (Yeah, I'm sneaky like that).

If you have strategy that a 10 year old that likes to look at everything before it gets thrown away can follow I am ALL EARS.


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