Merry Gentry

I have been reading this series for a little while now and I must say... Looooove IT! So we have a Fairy Princess who is still going through all of the drama before her "Happily Ever After." Oh, and don't forget, she is totally having sex with anything that might meet her fancy, so she can bring magic back - She's bringin magic back (yeah) them other fairies don't know how to act (yeah). Okay, enough JT.

If any one reading this needs to get some Hott back in their life pick up a Merry Gentry book by Laurell K. Hamilton. Cause let me tell you... Whoo! That shit is fire. I really enjoy series books because I like to get really involved in the character's lives. I also really hate series books, cause then I have to wait... and wait... and w a i t... aghhhh. Stupid authors can't just spit the whole series out at once so I can read it and be done. I truly hate the waiting part can you tell? Anyways... I know there are other sites out there dedicated to the subject of specific books, or series' but I like to read all kinds of stuff, so this is not what will ever happen here. However, I will come back to these books whenever the next one comes out because that is how I roll.

Now, I won't be doing a report or anything like that, all I have to say is that if you enjoy reading romance novels (yay smut) but also happen to like to read books with action, mystery and substance (yay thinking) AND you happen to particularly enjoy reading just because (yay escape) you can have all three in these books. I like to call them cake. Cause you get all the important things (eggs, milk, flour) and all the extra things (butter & sugar) and together they make a really wonderful treat - CAKE.

So go out and pick one of these up (they're in order on the first link) and have yourself a little birthday celebration (you can even use the candles later when you're all heated up and stuff).


- Jim - said...

Hey I was going to comment on the HOT book, but I have to go get a wetnap... :D - - - --|

Tootsie Farklepants said...

I'm currently waiting for my sister to hand over her Twilight books. Maybe after those...