Digital T.V.

I am so tired of hearing the PSA's for the change over to Digital Broadcasting that are playing, oh, I don't know, at least every hour on every "free" channel in my neck of the woods. Um... these PSA's have been airing since early this year. Now, I'm not sure if these companies think every one is completely stupid, or they just don't kow that every one has seen them. But either way... I AM SO TIRED OF THEM! yeah, it's that bad. Now for anyone who hasn't seen one, but for some reason reads this blog - here you go -

I can't find any from our area, but I can see how this would be equally annoying. (although at least she's a cute lil ole Lady) I just thought I'd share the pain. Have any of you still not gotten your box, new T.V. or whatever new direction you are going?

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she said: said...

I find it annoying too. I used to have some sympathy for the people who would be cut off. But, one of these people is my MIL. It's not that I don't like here - I do. But, she has a satellite dish sitting on her house, courtesy of my SIL. But, she wont use it. And I swear to you... she has three channels. I predict a call in 4 weeks asking what she needs to do, because she doesn't have TV anymore.

If people haven't switched by now, TV just isn't that important to them.