questions answered and hints given

So I just had to call and talk to my credit card company…


Yeah, that is just not a fun call to make when you’re trying to find out any information.


But I have to give them props. The first call I made was super frustrating, so I hung up and fumed a little bit. But. Then I calmed down and called back and got a different representative, and she patched me through to the people I needed (yay). I talked to the next rep’s supervisor because she couldn’t answer my questions, but wasn’t trying to feed me a line.


Here is the best part… The supervisor was actually able to answer my questions and give me options!!! I know holy crap someone that could actually do their job.


Color me super pleased!


PS on the costume front: I have just cut into both the black & purple satin, making several purple triangles and a few black quadrilaterals

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