My Fair Lazy - Jen Lancaster *Updated*

It took me a while to finally pick this up (really download for listening), but I have to say, Hoorah!


Jen Lancaster is so good at what she does it’s silly.


In Such a Pretty Fat, she made me want to get healthier, even if I have to work at it, and in My Fair Lazy she totally makes me want to get off my ass and do something interesting. Open my mind to new things. Her Jen-aissance might just be what I need too.


I think if more of the American populace were to dig into cultures and do it to learn, we might really grow as a country.


But enough of that, this is simply a really funny look into one woman’s attempt to find culture and class instead of being cultureless and clueless.


Look into it, it makes me want to do things instead of watching others do them for me.



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