Costume Contest updates

Alright, no one has any guesses so far; I must have made it too hard. Here are some updates on what I’ve done with the costume so far:


Out of the shells I made a necklace and earrings (the earrings are the prize for whoever guesses)

Out of the black satin I cut 4 wonky trapezoids, then sewed them together to make a dress leaving the bottom ¼ unsown and cutting up from the bottom in the center of each piece about ¼ of the way up

Out of the purple satin I cut 8 very skinny triangles and sewed them to the 8 bottom sections of the dress

I have straightened 19 hangers and attached 16 of them together at one end in sets of 2 and taken the last 3 and made a big circle


I think that’s it so far. I only have another week to work on it, and I still have so much to do. Crap.


Hopefully I will have some decent pictures this year. Last year all of the pictures were very dark (I guess that’s what happens when you only take pictures with your phone).

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