Mystery Costume

I have finally started work on my costume this year. I have been putting it off for a while now. I was going to be Peggy Bundy but I just wasn’t feeling it. I have decided to go with something I have been thinking through for a while…


Here are your clues:


Purple Lamé

Black (crepe backed) Satin

Purple (crepe backed) Satin

Coat Hangers

Pillow Stuffing (tmi?)

Green Corduroy

Lime Green Tulle

Possibly a Hula-Hoop

Lots of Hairspray

White Hair Color Spray

3 Sea Shells

Misc Make-up



I will do my best to come up with a gift for the first person to correctly guess, and so you can have hints along the way I will let you in on what I am doing occasionally.


Right now I am making Purple Lamé yo-yo’s and I took apart a pair of dark green cords (as an aside I am attempting a skirt for regular wear out of the top of these).


I hope to find some way to post pictures by way of e-mail entries but I’m not too hopeful.


P.S. Salt, no giving it away ;-)

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