Thirsty Thursday

Okay, I'm sure this is already out there on some other blog, but dude, I swear I just thought about using it last night. If some one has already trade marked it, I'm sorry. If not... Yay me!

So, here goes. If I can remember, I'll be putting up drink recipes that may or may not go along nicely with a book. Since I am very blonde and also a woman I reserve the right to change this as I go along to suit my own whims. *grins*

We're going to start with Patricia Cornwell and any of the Kay Scarpetta books;

It's my recommendation that when you read one of these books, you should be drinking wine. Now my own personal choice would be a White Zinfandale (I like Beringer's), but I think a full bodied red would be more along Ms. Cornwell's taste.

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Last Place Finisher said...

My favorite wines:

1. I want to make more money.
2. I want to go to Hawaii.
3. I don't want to do yardwork.