A much deserved rest.

For the last post of the year (until Jan. 5) I thought I'd let you all in on why this is called Totally Tattoo'd Mother.

This is blurry, but it's my wedding ring.

This is my "Pain in the neck" ;-)

Lower back area - Soon to be a family tree for my daughter.

The top half of the above picture. It might have helped if I had had help taking the pics. but you're stuck with what I could accomplish myself.

There is a phoenix on my calf, and a really poor shot of the flower with my name on my foot. See below for better shots.

What kind of tattoos, if any, do you have?


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Wendy said...

I still regret double piercing my ears, so it's unlikely I'll be adding any tattoos to my look.

The pain in your neck cracked me up. I'd point to it whenever one of my kids annoyed me.