Brene Brown and Vulnerability

This is an older TED talk, but it’s the first time I’ve been able to see it and it is so true. I have no idea who Brene Brown is, other than an author and researcher/storyteller. I’m not going to look into her right now to find any of this out. I want to post this while it’s still fresh for me.

If the video isn’t embedded, here's the page http://www.ted.com/talks/view/id/1042

For some this was hard to listen to, for other it was just an affirmation of what they already know.

I have seen this in so many lives. So as vulnerable as it makes me feel, if you watch this with an open mind and heart to God, it applies to ALL of us. We are broken to the point that, as she says in the talk and as I am learning in my small group, even faith has become something we can be RIGHT about. We can use our own fear of vulnerability as a means to make others feel like they are wrong and thus less than. When in reality we need to be vulnerable and be loving and forgiving to everyone and chance that rebuke or rebuff.

Courage to say, “I have faith in the Lord” even though we may get harsh replies or even just ignored or whatever. Courage to not judge people who aren’t the same as we are. Courage to say I am not here to stand with you against a sinner but to show them that God loves them too. Courage to call fellow believers out when they are screwing up. And the courage to say, “I suck at writing, but felt like this needed saying.”

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