I'm a Whiner

I have decided that I am too poor to buy Christmas presents for people that I don’t see.

Usually we have to buy stuff for all of the kids under 18. This ends up being the ‘how cheap can I get a gift that is even remotely age appropriate’ game. I am not a fan.

Since we are not doing so well monetarily, I have made the executive decision that I will be finding (or making) a few gifts for people that actually mean something to us as a family or me personally. This means that the things I give will actually be things I think will mean something to the person. So much better for everyone involved. No one gets a bunch of crap they don’t want or need!

Why does everyone seem to think that more crap is better than less not-crap?!?

It is so frustrating that I just refuse to participate. Give me a holler if you agree or have a rebuttal.

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