Despite rumors to the contrary...

I'm alive.

So, I haven't been able to update the blog in a while without the internets lovingly taken away by my employer.

I'm at my friend's and decided to hijack her's.

I just went to a phone service provider to help a friend get a new phone. And let me tell you, the salesman - he was a douche! All the phones that were available for purchase were pieces of crap. Especially the ones she was interested in. All except some blackberry thing. She liked it but when she asked about the internet options for it, he told her that the only internet available was $30 a month. So she said she don't need internet that bad and he walked away. He walked away several times, then once she was finally ready to get her phone, he was nowhere to be found. Just an all around bad sales person. Boo.

On to different phone issues, my phone (all touch screen all the time) no longer has a working touch screen unless it decides to work. It has a ghost. Or something. Whatever. I am mad at it. I don't have to pay for anything though. Can I get an amen for Warranty!?! Whoot! Now I just have to wait for the new one to show up.

On to new topics of interest to only me... Jonzey has really pulled a Saul to Paul transformation. He is really a bright spot in my life now. He makes sure I don't have things to do when I get home, like the dishes are done and the (and this is the best part) SOCKS ARE FOLDED!!!!! Dude. There is nothing better than coming home to a basket of folded socks. Mmmm... better than good foreplay.

Anywhoddle, I just thought I'd put a little somethin on here to show that I'm still alive and kickin. Hopefully I'll be able to this again soon. I have pictures of Halloween costumes. This year I did a Tinkerbell and Glinda the good witch of the North. Hopefully I'll be able to get them off of my phone sometime soon.

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