Hollywood Undead masks (American Tragedy) 100th post!

So, last year for my daughter's 13th birthday I made her a mask board along with 6 masks. Earlier in the year I styled her a pair of sneakers to match. It is so much fun trying to find decent pictures of their masks for reproduction. Here are some pics:

Here are the blank masks

I didn't have a light board so I made one

Charlie Scene


Funny Man

Johnny 3 Tears


Da Kurlzz
(had a little trouble with the sculpy/mask/oven/my blondness, but it works)

All together with personal bandanna

And shoes too.
She was pretty thrilled and they are still hanging on her wall / being worn. This year we went to Disney's Magic Kingdom. Yeah, we're well rounded ;)


Anonymous said...

you were always good at art.

deadpool gaming said...

Just wondering what did use to make funny mans mask and especially the patch what type of fabric did you use and what you used for the patch because i want to try to make my own.

One Reader said...

The mask is the same plastic mask as the rest, but I covered it with a black t-shirt. The patch was a plain white bandana that I used a cloth marker on to draw out the design. I don't remember how I attached the two, but I probably used fabric glue.