Traveling Red Pink Dress

I have decided to add to the Traveling Red Dress coffers with a beautiful pink ball gown style dress I found at a yard sale almost 3 years ago. I believe it was originally worn to a quinceanera.

I paid $25 or $30 at the time, and was so thrilled to have it. I didn't have a real reason for the purchase, I just knew I had to own it. It sat in my sewing room for a few months until I decided it would make a wonderful Glinda the Good Witch costume. I did some alterations on it since I was not a size 14 (add a few sizes), mainly making the lacing area a little more plus-size friendly. I did add some poofy sleeves, but those have since been removed.

Here is my daughter showing off the dress with the hula-hoop insert I made so the dress wouldn't touch the ground at the party I went to.

And here is my daughter in the dress without the hoop.

For reference purposes, my daughter is 5'8" and somewhere in the size 16 area.

I am seriously going to miss this dress, but if it can help someone see the wonderousness of themselves, it will be better served out and about rather than in my room being looked at occasionally.

Oh, and because it is so awesome - it has a pocket too :)

I'll try to remember to add a pic of the back of the skirt, because it is fabulous.

Someone (well a few actually) has claimed it, and as soon as we get some pictures in it (and an address) it will be mailed out to someone who needs some time in a beautiful dress.

Here's to The Bloggess, thanks for being awesome :)

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