Somewhere near the beginning.

Alrighty then.
I guess I can start at the beginning of the drawn circle.
At some point in my single digits (I think this was probably when I was 4 or 5) I became a christian.
I lived with my grandparents, my grammy is a nurse and papa is a (substitute) pastor, for a year or so during that time.
I don't remember the moment, just that I wanted Jesus to be in my heart.
Several years later I was baptised. I was 11. My papa did the honors.
A little while later I made a commitment to remain a virgin until marriage. I even got a promise ring.
I tell you all of this to give you some background for the up and coming set of posts. Because even with a really strong background of faith (and the faith itself has not faltered) I fell really hard when it happened. Then I stayed there for a while.
Hopefully this will be a good thing, but I am sorry if my words fall short for you. Writing is not really my gift, but I feel like someone might need to hear what I've been through to know that forgivness is a beautiful thing.

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