"Real Life" crept up on me

Okay, so I know I haven't posted in a super long time, but I've had reality all over the place. That's more important right? Anyway... About that reality thing. I feel like I should at least talk about what's going on, but I'm gonna skip over the parts that would have you all over my ass with judgements. (trust me - I'm all over my ass with judgements m-kay?)

Skipping over all the really crazy bits to say that - Yay, Jonzey is getting the help he needs to fix whatever it is thats not right in his brain!

Good thing #1 - He is trying to make up with God.
Good thing #2 - (relates to #1) Is going to get some counciling at a church.
Good thing #3 - Is going to AA tomorrow night.
Good thing #4 - One of his friends is going with him.
Good thing #5 - My brother is alive! - Yeah - I am so not going into that one.

So now that you're all confused and curious I'm gonna go back to work, m-kay?


SubeeSews said...

One Reader,
There are times in our lives when reality truly does suck. Keep a stiff upper lip. You are not your brother's keeper but it is ok to love and worry for them. I have seven brothers. My reality is FULL!

Persnickety Ticker said...

When my reality sucks it just provides humorous blog fodder.

Gotta find something positive about the negative, right?

Hang in there, mkay?

Word vert: deterde. The French way of saying "oh shit!"?